Glennie Kindred

Hi Glennie, thanks for talking with BB today! Much of your work celebrates the cycles of nature and the power of ceremony, promoting them to a wider audience. Why do you think it’s important to do so? 

For me ceremony is a natural part of ourselves and helps us to step into the ‘sacred’ in whatever way feels right for us. I believe this is something we all benefit from doing, and my books offer many different ways to do this based on my creating heart-felt ceremonies for the last 25 years…. I am always learning, expanding and growing in my understanding…. and life is richer and more vital because of it! I particularly like the way it empowers me to be more of who I am, to explore what it is that I am feeling right now, and what is moving me in my heart. It helps me to grow in Love and grow a deeper more intuitive and inter-connected me!

Celebrating the cycle s of the year gives us a sense of ourselves in time, the cyclic flow of our lives as the years go by, and helps us to live in harmony with the flow of the natural world around us. Each of the eight Earth Festivals gives us an opportunity to connect with the Earth and also to check in to where we are at, where we are going, and what is no longer helping us to grow well and healthy. Ceremony gives us the opportunity to let go of the old unhelpful stuff and embrace the new! It is very empowering!

Aside from an obvious reverence for our connection to and place within nature, there also seems to run a rich vein of optimism throughout your work. Are you consciously trying to convey that in your writing?

I am consciously creating optimism in my life! We always have choice as to what and how we think….. And we can consciously change the way we think. If we wish to manifest the most positive outcome we must choose the most Loving, the most heartwarming, heart opening, heart expanding thoughts and actions…. And then the natural fertility and flow of life does the rest! ‘Give yourself the very best chance to grow in the way you would like life to be for you!’ For me it is as simple as that…… And ceremony helps those moments of positive affirmation and positive intentions to become embedded within you.

Despite – or perhaps because of - a probable convergence of many crises do you think that there is a general recognition that we’re not where we need to be, and that people are starting to look around for alternatives to the current paradigm? 

Absolutely! It is time! And much needed! And it is happening! And it is a huge groundswell, a peoples movement of Love, optimism, care for the Earth, the land around us, care for each other and all the peoples and creatures of the Earth, a sense that we are not separate from Nature but we are a part of the whole thing…..and this understanding and new way of thinking and living our lives is growing all the time….. I always say ‘Once your eyes have opened, you can’t go back….. and why should you want to!!’

Everything we do and think influences everything else, our families, our friends, what we say, what we eat and what we support with our money…. We are hugely powerful when we make conscious choices…..

Do you think that our societies lack of connection to nature, its habits and systems, may be behind our seeming inability to pull back from our abuse of it? Do you see your work as an attempt to restore connection?

Absolutely again! The whole point of my books is to share what has worked for me, and the solid grounded foundation of which will work for others. Reconnection to the natural world is a journey we are all on to some degree or another, and both personal, group and community ceremonies help us to connect in, if that is our intention. (Intention is everything!)

For me right now it is my ever deepening connection to our native plants and trees, which is propelling me forwards. I am a very practical person, not airy-fairy at all…. But increasingly, through some very real and astonishing experiences I am becoming more and more aware of how much the natural world is alive and communicating all the time….. on many different levels of interconnectivity. Back to choice…. I am choosing to prioritise my journey with the native plants and the trees right now…. So this is the wild edge I am living within…. Inevitably I want to share the excitement of this wonderful interconnected world and the wonders and power of our most humblest of native plants and trees! So this is what I am painting and writing about right now…..

Where do you think we’ll be as a society in 20 years – what is your vision of the future?

I have no idea…..  I aim to live today the future I want to see happen! It is one and the same to me…. I am here now so I want to live it Now!

We can only each live our lives right now in the best, most loving, caring and positive way we can….. If lots and lots of people add to this flow of good energy, then there is a strong possibility that the future will be a good one….  So it is up to us….. Each and every one of us! We all influence each other and we all add to the positive or negative energy that shapes our lives, whether in the nitty gritty of our everyday lives, or our influence on the bigger picture…... we do both…. all the time……and the ripples spread outwards (and inwards) from us all! I have a notice on my kitchen notice board that says ‘LOVE YOUR FUTURE’. It’s a good reminder and makes me smile and warms my heart every time I read it!

Finally, what would you foresee as the single most potent power for transformation that anyone could achieve – with a little effort? 

LOVE!!!! It changes everything for the better!!! It creates cycles of good energy that influence us and everyone and everything around us in ways we cannot predict…. but we can know for sure that it will create positive good, no matter what…..  For me this is the single most potent power for transformation and change we can all achieve….. Choice and Intention are all!!

With Love and thanks ~ Glennie Kindred  December 2015

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