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Between the Billboards & The Authoring of Architecture

"This is seriously a fabulous work, the début of a major talent" - Richard Bruton, Forbidden planet Avery Hill are delighted to a... More Info



Avery Hill are proud to announce the release of Days, a collection of the work of Simon Moreton. The collection covers Mo... More Info



"Melissa pushed me down the stairs. I donít want to be her friend anymore.Ē "Who is Melissa?Ē "The monster that lives in our wal... More Info


Playing For Time

In response to planetary challenges artists must reclaim their traditional role in communities as truth-tellers and agents of change. This ground-... More Info



What marks the seasons of a life?  In his new comic Seasons, Mike Medaglia (Wu Wei, The Comix Reader) seeks to understand ... More Info


Swear Jar

Swear Jar collects a series of short comics drawn between 2014 and 2015 by Abe Christie, one of the most talented and unique creators to come... More Info


The Beginners Guide to Being Outside

Megan is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Manchester with her mum and stepdad. Like most teenagers she is entirely reliant upon technology, until a... More Info


The Rabbit

Eleanor and her younger sister Kathy have run away from school, from home and from all of their troubles. They may also be running from reality it... More Info