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Beetroot Books Author Q&A

Conversations with John Michael Greer, Aranya, Michael Goodwin, Lucy Neal, Glennie Kindred, Andy Hamilton, Philip Carr Gomm and Rob Dickins.

The conversations featured here are driven by an obvious desire to find solutions for change. One that encompassed our cultural, spiritual and economic life. We all know what the answers are, but we’re still waiting for a narrative to coalesce around.


Doing so is not so easy when the words we read and images we absorb celebrate failure as success and change as something only to be filtered through the established paradigm.

You might say that these conversations about spirituality, alternative economics, psychedelic culture, the political landscape and the real landscapes we inhabit are, as yet, unfinished. The hope is that in offering them out their insights we can talk a little more

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The Essential Will Carrie

Daniel O'Neill

‘There is no way to harvest from the centre. It’s overgrown with bitter roots gone wild’.


Following the obscure track to the field’s edge might be the way to make sense of a world in tumult and change. There, where ideas converge and jostle for emergence, you might still find a story to believe in, a voice to speak to you.


This collection of poems roams from the streets to the woodlands, jabbing at the banality of ‘the way things are’ whilst pressing deeper into the shunned country of the archaic.


We know the world is changing but what way shall we go now? Dark shapes on the horizon pull us ever closer, might we still find some other to stem our advance? But, if the magic we seek still drifts on the back roads of the islands, what use are the enchanted if they set themselves apart?


Sardonic and spiritual this collection is an attempt, through its characters and descriptions, to wake up to what’s really real

Free to download
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