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Micro-publisher & basement press

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Originally opened in 2011, Beetroot Books was always going to be an underground store, even as the heavy boots of corporate online bookstores trampled every juicy leaf of other independent book sellers.

No matter.

Never going offline, we’ve now relaunched as the tiniest root of a bookstore. Our aim, like the tastiest example of our namesake, is to manifest in the real world to incite the senses.  

For now, we’re (re)starting very small with only one or two titles at a time. They will be forward looking, and they will be alternative.

All our titles are free to download but you're encouraged to put a penny in the poet's pot should you have means to do so. 

Cottage industry – local, sustained by resilient networks – is coming back and we’re sticking our spade into the ground with that crowd.

We’re looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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